Detox My Fashion

TVU is supporting the Greenpeace-initiative

The Campaign “Detox My Fashion” by Greenpeace was launched in 2011 to protect rivers and oceans from the dangerous chemicals, which are used in the production of textiles.

It was the first campaign of its kind and showed the great fashion brands of every sector the impact of their supply chain’s production method has on the environment.

The key elements of the Detox-Commitment are:

·         Chemical management (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List, MRSL)

·        Transparency – Suppliers publish the results of waste water and residue analyses on an online platform

·        Substitution and removal

Since TVU has always been willing to take responsibility not only for its products, but also for its production, we are working with conviction according to the criteria of the “ZDHC Roadmap to zero”.

For example, we have not been using azo dyes with cleavable carcinogenic amines for decades, so we removed them from our production circle immediately after the harmfulness had come to be known.

TVU has waste water from production tested annually at its own expense. The results are being uploaded to the IPE-Platform and are viewable for supporters, other organisations and public agencies.

You can find further information about the Detox-campaign here.

Supreme Green Cotton®

European cotton with a distance of only 193 km between the cotton field and the spinning mill

Do you believe this is impossible? It is not and the best thing is, that the long staple cotton is also dyed in Europe, namely by us.

A completely transparent supply chain has joined together under the name Supreme Green Cotton®. The supplier for the high quality cotton is Varvaressos in northern Greece.

Supreme Green Cotton® mainly focusses on saving water and thus lays the foundation stone for controlled sustainable and GMO-free cultivation.

Furthermore, the initiative is committed to high social criteria and leaves the smallest possible CO2 footprint for future generations with the short transport distances inside Europe.

Attached to the final product, the customers can find hangtags containing QR-Codes and codes, which can be entered on the website and make it possible to trace the whole way of the supply chain from the cotton fields, via the harvest to the spinning mill and finally to TVU.

Let us pool our efforts towards a sustainable fashion world!

Supreme Green Cotton® is the solution for the increasing demand for transparency and traceability.

If you want to become a part of this sustainably supply chain, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Care & Conservation

So our future doesn't hang on by a thread

You might think that yarn dyers can't possibly have a clean slate. But the opposite is true: sustainability colours TVU's philosophy. We do our utmost to protect the environment. We bear responsibility, for the future, our children and our environment. Only by conserving resources, can we draw on them tomorrow.

Sustainability in Numbers: These Savings are calculable successes










And when it comes to sustainability we don't just wind out the standard programme either. We pursue a policy of continuous improvement to reduce the high energy requirements for dyeing and to prevent environmental pollution. A policy that includes efficient processes and modern facilities.

Dyestuffs, chemicals and auxiliary agents

Out of conviction we refrain from the use of hazardous agents that can build up and do not degrade naturally. It's our promise to you and upcoming generations.

Energy – generation and recovery

We produce the heat we need in a particularly efficient wood chip-fired heating plant and 10 percent of our electricity needs are covered by photovoltaic plants.

Water, waste water and other waste

We produce little waste water and waste because we use dyestuffs, chemicals and all other raw materials sparingly. We use process and rain water for dyeing.

Social responsibility at TVU & partners

In Germany our employees enjoy support beyond law and tariff agreement. Our suppliers are benchmarked according to our standards and personally screened on-site.

Would you like to speak to our expert directly?

Our team will be happy to explain how your yarn is dyed to the right shade in an eco-friendly manner. People matter to us. Talk to our sustainability expert, Mr Christ (email).


Or in need of some facts & figures?

You would like to read a bit more about our sustainability concept? Click here and scroll through our latest sustainability broschure.