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Merino wool never makes you sweat

The performance apparel at Tom Fyfe consists of the largest possible proportion of pure merino wool. The shirts and pants are even 100 percent merino wool. And not just because the long staple fibers feel so fluffy with the appropriate wool fineness. Merino wool has many great properties.


Being out in the rain, burning for the job, being on the job with "hand and shirt": Whether on airplanes or public transit, in government offices or in security, your customers do a lot. Merino wool does a lot with them.


  • Merino wool is pleasantly cool to the touch in summer and toasty warm in winter.
  • It is airy crimped, therefore breathable, and therefore hardly lets you s(chw)itze even during enormous efforts. Due to its self-cleaning as well as bacteria-resistant structure, merino wool also remains odorless for days.
  • Extremely long and thin fibers provide a smooth wearing comfort: Nothing scratches, there's hardly any pilling. And thanks to the fact that they adapt to every movement of the body, our functional clothing stays in shape for a long time.
  • With the proper Tec finish, merino wool can be machine washed with a wool detergent (at a maximum of 40 degrees).
  • Merino wool is able to absorb about 30 percent of its own weight in moisture without feeling clammy.
  • Clothing made of merino wool has a natural sun protection factor of up to 50

May we introduce: Merino the sheep

The fine wool sheep breed has come a long way: Merino is originally from North Africa and arrived in Spain around the 12th century. European settlers then took the sheep to Australia - where more than 120 million animals live today, making the continent the world's leading supplier of merino wool. In addition, merino sheep are also bred in New Zealand.

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