Our Workfashion │ Where's it coming from?

Distances are short, partners are trustworthy, and one has a clear conscience.

Our workwear is manufactured in Europe. Our partners spin the majority of our yarns, which are then finished in-house if desired. The actual production takes place in a variety of European knitting mills. The yarn is further processed here, and the fabrics are knitted, dyed in one piece if necessary, assembled, and, if desired, finished with various additional services such as patches.

We have a long-standing and trusting relationship with almost all of our partners.

Made in Europe - a succinct description of our workfashion

Our daily operations are guided by a strong commitment to sustainability, fair labor conditions, and environmental stewardship.
Due to the fact that our workfashion is manufactured entirely within Europe, transportation distances from the manufacturing site are shorter, resulting in a lower emission load. In general, Europe's understanding of quality, including in manufacturing plants, is characterized by the adoption of stringent European standards. Due to the close proximity, product development can also occur more quickly, and it is ensured that workwear is produced in accordance with fair, European standards.

Components & yarns

The majority of our workwear stock program is constructed from high-quality combed and ring-spun cotton or a highly functional cotton/polyester blend. Our experts, particularly in the private label sector, will create the optimal blend for you based on the intended use: Cotton, polyester, wool, polyamide, or polyacrylic - it all depends on the application.

A typical TVU scene: Yarn is completed.

Due to the fact that yarn finishing is a core competency of ours, we have an extensive color palette at our disposal - selected trend colors are even available on a continuous basis. It's unsurprising that we consistently achieve a custom-dyed result: we've already fulfilled countless customer-specific color requests over the years.

At-eye level production

Our corporate fashion is manufactured in Europe by reputable flat and circular knitting mills. There, the yarn is knitted, and the components are cut and assembled. However, fully fashioned knitwear is also possible, which is knitted into shape and removed from the machine without being cut to size. This way, we avoid squandering superior raw materials during the manufacturing process.

We are proud to announce that TVU only works with family-owned businesses with whom we have a multigenerational relationship. Over the years, the TVU Group has been successful in acquiring a significant number of them as customers.

We and our partners place a premium on certified manufacturing facilities, compliance with statutory wages, the absence of child labor, and paid vacation and sick days. Our employees visit the site on a regular basis to collaborate on developing measures that balance worker well-being and customer quality expectations. Over time, this has resulted in the development of trustworthy and friendly relationships.

To a flawless finish, quality

We do not simply inspect the finished goods for "seam and thread." We continuously monitor the workwear's high quality standards beginning with raw material selection and continuing through production.

Are you a fan of our workwear?

Our workwear portfolio is structured in such a way that we can outfit small businesses as well as large corporations with garments that are perfectly suited to their needs. Simply contact us or send us an email to collaborate on developing an attractive solution for your business.

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