Our Merino Fashion │ Where does it come from?

Distances are short, partners are trustworthy, and one has a clear conscience.

Our merino wool clothing is designed and manufactured in Europe. Our partners spin the natural high-performance wool yarns and further process them in various knitting mills throughout Europe. We've been collaborating with certified businesses for years.

Made in Europe - Performance on the short distance

Not only does manufacturing merino clothing in Europe ensure a high level of quality, it also serves as a critical building block for sustainable action, ecological stewardship, and the desire for fair working conditions for all those involved in the manufacturing process. The emission load is reduced due to the short transport distances from the production site. Additionally, product development can be accelerated and a higher level of quality can be guaranteed.

Raw materials & yarns

Our merino clothing begins with high-quality merino yarns from Italy or Germany. Depending on the product, it may also be the sole ingredient, indicating a one-of-a-kind product made entirely of pure merino wool.

Typical TVU: Yarn finishing

Due to the fact that yarn finishing is one of our core competencies, we have an extensive color palette at our disposal - selected trend colors are even available on a continuous basis. It's unsurprising that we always end up with a custom-dyed result: we've already fulfilled countless customer-specific color requests over the years.

Production on an eye-to-eye level

TVU partners exclusively with family-owned businesses with whom we have a multigenerational relationship. These seasoned European knitting mills knit the yarn and construct the finished functional clothing.
We share the same values as our partners: adherence to legal wages, prohibition of child labor, and paid vacation and sick days. We communicate regularly with our partner companies to ensure their employees' safety and compliance with common quality standards.

Quality to the perfect finish

We do not simply inspect finished goods for "seam and thread." We constantly monitor the high quality standards of merino clothing, beginning with the raw material selection process and continuing through production.

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