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Our Color Spectrum Ranges From Pantone to Autumn Leaves

Our customers' wishes are highly individual. Some supply exact specifications, others send knitted samples ... and one customer simply brought along an autumn leaf they picked up the last time they went for a walk. No matter what, we always quickly achieve precision colour results that bear comparison with the best on the market, for sample runs or large lots.


Efficient Yarn Finishing Facts and Figures

  • Up to 20tons daily capacity
  • More than 100,000 existing dye recipes
  • Automatic recipe mixing
  • Advanced colour measurement


Any Questions about Yarn Finishing?

Our experts have the right dye recipe for your job.

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Our Motto: Make good better

And although some may turn green with envy, TVU is market leader in Germany's yarn finishing sector (bobbin dyeing). Drawing on wide experience and technical know-how we dye:

  • staple fibre yarns
  • filament yarns, flat and textured
  • virtually all textile raw materials and blends

All dyestuffs and finishes are certified to Öko-Tex Standard 100, Product Class I - guaranteeing impeccable textile products in terms of health safety.

Yarn finishing 'Made in Germany'

Yarn finishing without modern equipment? Of course, that does not work at TVU. In order to stay one step ahead, we regularly invest in our machinery and continuously improve our processes. Our own yarn finishing facilities therefore not only generate high quality yarns, but also offer innovative new products, customised shades and maximum flexibility.


Our Specciality in the yarn finishing sector: Special finishes

We are also your partner when it comes to special applications and requirements. Our special anti-ageing finish with vitamin E, aloe vera and jojoba oil is used specially for lingerie, bed linen etc. – or wherever textiles are worn close to the skin and are frequently washed or bleached.


Yarn finishing for technical yarns

Car seats are exposed to great heat in the summer. Hoses must withstand a lot of pressure. And when climbing, you don't want the ropes to give way. Technical yarns have to make the grade – thus also increasing the demands made of our dyes. We therefore develop the right dye formula for every situation in order to ensure perfect yarn finishing results.


Yarn finishing for bandage dressings and hygiene articles

Textiles in direct contact with the skin or wounds must satisfy rigorous requirements and standards. We select our suppliers very carefully and examine finished yarns meticulously in order to satisfy these standards in respect of yarn finishing.


At our factory in Leutershausen TVU is also your partner when it comes to yarn finishing for bandaging material and hygiene articles:

  • Bandage dressing bleaches to DAB 10
  • Bandage dressing bleaches to DIN 61631
  • Hydrophobic finishes for tampon strings




Comprehensive yarn finishing – all colours from a single source

Our colour service will be happy to supply you with our standard colour selection as a handy reference to our basis range and as a practical tool. Simply request a free shade overview from us.