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TVU | With a feel for yarns and color

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, 06/05/2018

Interview des Monats in der WRP

Kennen Sie das Erfolgsgeheimnis der TVU?

Im Interview mit den drei Geschäftsführern der TVU finden Sie eine Antwort auf diese Frage und Sie erfahren,...

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, 05/17/2018

AK SchuleWirtschaft nimmt die TVU unter die Lupe

Der Arbeitskreis SchuleWirtschaft war am Dienstag, den 17.04.2018 bei der TVU zu Besuch.

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Yarn & colours in all shapes & shades

So you think we're spinning our wheels at the TVU?

Luckily not. Spinnings's just about the only thing we don't do ourselves: we dye, finish and wind. We import and export. We trade and stock. In fact, we cover all your yarns needs as your single point of contact.

TVU's many facets


TVU has been pulling together for decades - and is currently headed by Hans, Gerhard and Christian Hausner.

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Geschäftsführung der TVU

Yarn & colour

When it comes to economical solutions, we reel off far more than a standard repertoire.

More about Yarn & Colour >>

Our yarns

Discover our extensive range of premium yarns.

More about our yarns >>

Yarn trade

We supply customers throughout Europe from our international production sites.

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Yarn finishing

Precise and customized lots every time.

More about yarn finishing >>

Our Stock Service

Ocean: Our classic NM 30/2 cotton/polyacrylic 50/50%. Large stock of more than 100 colours.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Ocean - NM 30/2 Baumwolle/Acryl 50/50%


We have a long-term orientation when it comes to costs, quality and environment.

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Together with our field offices we reliably partner many international textile companies.

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TVU | With a feel for yarns and color

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TVU Group

TVU Textilveredlungsunion GmbH
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TVU Garnvertrieb GmbH & Co. KG
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D-91578 Leutershausen

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