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TVU. shines at STeP by Oeko-Tex® initial certification

Sustainable Textile Production (STeP) by OEKO-TEX® is a certification system for brands, retail companies and manufacturers from the textile chain who want to communicate their achievements regarding sustainable manufacturing processes to the public in a transparent, credible and clear manner.

Modular Concept

Through modular analysis of all relevant company areas such as chemical management, environmental performance, environmental management, health & safetly, social responsibility and quality management, the certification allows a comprehensive and reliable analysis of the extent of sustainable management provided by a production facility.

Simple, global benchmarking

The presentation of the assessment results of all company modules allows a sound definition of the company's positioning with regard to sustainability, across country borders and beyond legislative regulations.

The Scoring levels are defined as:

  • 1 (0-33%) = entry level
  • 2 (34-66%) = good implementation/optimization potential
  • 3 (67-100%) = exemplary implementation/best-practice

Rocket Launch for TVU. at Initial Certification in December 2017

Level 3 - Exemplary/Best-practice

"Extensive measures and systems that justify a positive evaluation have been implemented and are subject to constant review and development. [...] It can be felt that the employees identify with and live the developed corporate culture. [...] All environmental and social impacts of textile production are factored in. The company takes all this into account in its business activities and assumes responsibility for the impact of these in all areas concerned."

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TVU. is Best-Practice-Example

We achieved excellent results in the Chemical Management module. As we have dedicated ourselves to the continous improvement of chemicals handling, have established comprehensive databases, accountability rules and risk analyses and prevention strategies throughout the operation, Hohenstein Institute sees us as a "shining example" with almost fully exploited potential for improvement and well on the way to "Green Chemistry".

Sustainability is our driving force

We also achieved similarly significant results in the modules Environmental Management, Social Responsibility and Quality Management - elements we have included in our corporate policy decades ago. Due to years of analysis and documentation, constant control by the directors themselves and employees living this culture, we are able to set ever higher goals, so that now we have almost reached the limits of optimization.

We are proud! And we'll keep going!

We are proud of our audit rating and the recognition of our daily work. Some time ago we created ideal conditions with our processes and management systems, we live clear responsibilities every day and naturally see ourselves in a constant improvement process.


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