TVU field offices

Our strength: global networking

When the ship with your yarn can't leave the port because of stormy weather, a loaded truck breaks an axle somewhere between Bucharest and Cologne or your customer unexpectedly places high orders with you: everything is suddenly turned upside-down for a while. So it is good to have a strong internationally networked partner at your side, who isn't easily daunted and always has a solution up their sleeve.

Local needs, global solutions

TVU does not trade in yarns or with suppliers – but strategic partners. Together with our strong network, we supply the European market with customised service packages. So you will always find a contact person, who can optimally address your particular needs.

All TVU sales offices and agencies in the respective countries are staffed by specialists, who know our product portfolio like the back of their hand and stay in close contact with local companies.

And the benefit for you:

  • Swift delivery, often within 48 hours
  • Efficient production tailored to your needs
  • A personal point of contact near you
  • Straightforward communication, no language barriers
  • A strong network focusing on yarn

You'll find us here:

TVU Garnvertrieb GmbH
Úvoz 518/15
CZ-60200 Brno
Phone +420 543 223 100
Fax: +420 543 211 - 866

TVU Garnvertrieb GmbH
Novo Polje Cesta VII / 131 B
SI-1260 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1520 – 1005
Fax: +386 1 520 – 1006